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10:00-10:20      Chelsea Haramia      Seeking Shared Values while Searching for ETI


Live Discussion

Chat log

10:10:22 From Andrew Kennedy : living as I do between three cultures France Spain and England I can testify that ethical behaviour in the day to day is subtlety different in all three places. So does that mean that ethics are not at all universal?


10:10:27 From Nick Nielsen : There is a Japanese author who makes the same point, but I can't recall his name. 


10:10:37 From Lucas Mix : Aren't eusocial species societal by definition? I think there is a hidden ontology here that is not biological in character. Eusocial species have within-hive competition and cooperation, just as individual organisms have within genome competition and cooperation.


10:11:05 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen : Certain prohibitions like, prohibitions against murdering your own children: seem necessary for survival.


10:11:36 From Lucas Mix : Many species use their children as food for other children.


10:11:38 From Ryan Fortenberry : Certain species allow the weaker offspring to die effectively murdering them.


10:11:39 From Carlos Santana : Infanticide is/was an accepted practice among some societies


10:12:11 From Daniela de Paulis : or avoiding a dominant subject might threaten the entire group


10:12:18 From Lucas Mix : Is there a value for accurate perception?


10:12:19 From Carlos Mariscal : @Lucas – from the perspective of every unit in the biological ontology, its parts are much more homogenous and its community is much more vague and disparate.


10:12:21 From Nick Nielsen : Infanticide also exists in the natural world. 


10:13:24 From Lucas Mix : @Carlos, definitely. I'm just making the claim that the internal parts don't go away, nor the internal competition, with eusociality or symbiosis.


10:13:27 From Carlos Mariscal : I mean, we’re all talking about moral values here, but does the situation change when we talk about epistemic or aesthetic values? Would we expect all ETI believing Ockham’s Razor, for example?


10:14:31 From Carlos Mariscal : @Lucas – Yeah, I agree. Especially given situations like cancer where the parts try to fight for themselves.


10:15:26 From Ted Peters : Moral disagreement among humans is due to more than just competing moral systems. Moral disagreement can be a smoke screen to cover one's own immorality. In fact, I think, this is most often what is happening.


10:15:50 From Lucas Mix : Signalling theory seems really important here.


10:18:38 From Nick Nielsen : So there are no true non-constructive statements? 


10:18:59 From Andrew Kennedy : don’t we need ethics only when we are being judged. If we can avoid the type of contact where we are not judged  maybe ethics worry does not matter so much


10:21:10 From Ted Peters : There are places for ethics beyond being judged. For example, ethics can work with a vision of the way the world ought to be, instead of the way it is, and then work for transformation.

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