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SSoCIA 2020:

This year presented a number of unique challenges to our conference schedule. We had to go digital, which came with a number of logistical issues that our organization has never before faced. However, the result was that our community came together to participate in a great experiment that allows us to offer the most complete archive of any conference to date. You can find below the presentations, discussions, chat transcripts, and additional materials that have been offered since the conference ended. Enjoy the scholarship and be on the lookout for our next conference!

Below you will find the schedule and links to the individual presentations. We have captured their talks and live discussions, but did not capture the smaller conversations they had after their talks. To navigate the schedule and find the videos, click the name of the presenter you are interested in and it will take you to their prerecorded talk as well as the live discussion and live chat.




Planetary Protection I


Offworld Settlements

Astrobiology and Education

Planetary Protection II


Offworld Settlements

Biology I

11:45-1:20        Public showing of He Painted The Future


Space Art

Biology II

Moral and Social Theory

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