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10:35-10:55    Erik Persson    Lessons Learned from Socratic Dialogue

                                               in Astrobiology Education


Live Discussion

Chat log

10:39:10 From Carlos Mariscal to Everyone : If anybody work David or Erik’s approaches into their syllabuses, please send them around


10:40:28 From to Everyone : Love this approach, Erik!


10:40:42 From Jim Schwartz to Everyone : Questions must be asked in Socratic Dialogue form.


10:40:46 From Lucas Mix to Everyone : I love this approach as well. I hope to get a chance to try it.


10:41:53 From to Everyone : On the social evolution 

front, there's some interesting new work e.g. http://, 


10:42:21 From Ted Peters to Everyone : Thanks, Kathryn. I'm aware that an economic theory of evolution predated Darwin. Mmmmm? If I recall correctly, Darwin's natural selection provided a naturalistic justification for survival-of-the-fittest in capitalism. Now, I bet you're talking about something different, right?


10:45:37 From Lucas Mix to Everyone : @ Ted, Michael Ruse's >Monad to 

Man< traces the idea from Plotinus, through the Great Chain of Being (see Lovejoy's book for this), into modern science. He looks at both biology and parallel social theories into the mid 20th century.


10:46:09 From Ted Peters to Everyone : Maybe I'll look at Ruse again. 


10:51:23 From Linda Billings to Everyone : Many astrobiologists have more or less given up on establishing a definition of life. See Caleb Scharf et al, A strategy for origins of life research, Astrobiology 15(12), 2015.


:52:25 From Lucas Mix to Everyone : Others of us are holding on. Astrobiology 15(1): 15-19. 2015.


10:52:40 From Andrew Kennedy to Everyone : it’s needed eventually for legal reasons at least


10:53:05 From Neil Manson to Everyone : Andrew - good one! :-) 


10:54:07 From Linda Billings to Everyone : @Andrew, @Neil - agreed.

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