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11:30-11:50    Linda Billings    Planetary Protection: An Idea Whose Time is Gone?


Live Discussion

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Chat log

11:33:37 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : Not strange if you were clear-eyed about the Obama administration


11:33:48 From Neil Manson to Everyone : Eric - correct!


11:38:01 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : 30 years ago, people @ NASA (and Congress) were afraid to say "giant meteor impact" too.  Shoemaker-Levy changed that. 


11:38:20 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : S-L 9, that is.


11:39:17 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : "habitable" or "inhabited"?  big difference


11:39:39 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : Its certainly possible mars is inhabited - not likely, but possible


11:41:03 From Jim Schwartz to Everyone : Charles Cockell once ran for parliament under the "Forward to Mars" Party


11:41:30 From Erik Persson to Everyone : Thanks for a great presentation Linda. I am looking forward to reading your chapter. I have a chapter in the same volume that of course agrees very much with your view.


11:43:30 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : Elon Musk is an American space oligarch. Similar transfer for public wealth to what happened in Russia in the 90's.


11:43:43 From Neil Manson to Everyone : This is fascinating. Thanks Linda!


11:43:52 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : my question will be about the calculus between the risk of forward contamination vs. back contamination


11:44:55 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : I agree - regulation of the same seriousness that BL-4s are set up 


11:45:04 From to Everyone : In agreement with all you're saying, Linda. And you're right, Eric. 


11:46:20 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : this enforcement regime should be natural - nothing gets into space already without some nation state affirmatively allowing it to


11:47:15 From Jim Schwartz to Everyone : Free download here

11:47:28 From Jim Schwartz to Everyone : The Meltzer book - When Biospheres Collide


11:48:00 From Julia DeMarines to Everyone : CAT!


11:48:57 From Carlos Mariscal to Everyone : Sixteen books recommended so far in SSoCIA. I missed two of the first ones (Fate of Rome? What is America?), but I’m keeping a list if anybody wants it later.


11:49:23 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : Not to worry - I am saving the chats and recording the presentations


11:49:32 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : /1491/, and /1493/ by Charles Mann


11:51:24 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : forward and back contamination are not symmetric

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