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10:05-10:25     Nathalie Gontier     Mode & Tempo of Evolution of life

                                                       on Earth and Possibly Elsewhere


Live Discussion

Chat log

10:16:49 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : the book I meant is by Thomas Moynihan: Spinal Catastrophism 


10:17:02 From to Everyone : Thanks Daniela! 


10:17:10 From William Alba to Everyone : Continuing from breakout room: Land art can be urban and not just remote -- Christo's The Gates and De Maria's two installations also in Manhattan.


10:17:41 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : indeed, thanks for pointing this out


10:21:32 From to Everyone : Thanks Nathalie!


10:21:50 From Andrew Kennedy to Everyone : reticulation and coincidence work together

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