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10:35-10:55    William Kramer     Environmental Assessment and Outer Space Actions


Live Discussion

Chat log

10:39:22 From Linda Billings : Too many humans — governments, corporations, individuals - have engaged in the assault of the environment for centuries. William


10:39:50 From Linda Billings : William’s critique is right on.


10:39:51 From Sabine Heinz : I do agree with you


10:40:08 From Sabine Heinz : I have no idea, how we con solve this problem


10:40:29 From Sabine Heinz : because there are too many economical interests


10:42:20 From Linda Billings : Even before capitalism, human greed drove the plundering of natural resources.


10:43:20 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen : Recommending "Spacefarers" by Chris Wanjek 2020. A good summary of everything pertaining to colonization and space exploration in the current period.


10:43:51 From Linda Billings : I am not optimistic about the prospects for effective government regulation of the exploration and exploitation of outer space, which by international law is the province of all humankind.


10:45:06 From Kathryn Denning : I agree, Linda. 


10:45:09 From Lucas Mix : Can you have an 'environment' without a subject?


10:45:32 From Ted Peters : Linda, your presentation is to this point. 


10:46:01 From Caleb Hylkema : Follow-up: it seems plausible that the benefits of exploiting extraterrestrial environments might outweigh the sort of intrinsic valuing that preserving the environment would provide.


10:46:54 From Joe Gottlieb : @ Caleb H.: I completely agree. 


10:46:55 From Kelly Smith : Exactly, Caleb.  Of course, I have probably had a bad influence on you…:)


10:47:09 From Lucas Mix : @Caleb, Thomas would say the environments have their own ends. Aldo Leopold would argue that the landscape has intrinsic value.


10:47:23 From Joe Gottlieb : But 'exploit' is a loaded term, normatively speaking. 


10:47:38 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen : I also worry quite a bit about corporations regulating themselves: foxes and henhouses and all that. 10:47:48 From David DeGraff (he/him) : And the scientific value of an asteroid is more than just its minerals


10:47:57 From Kelly Smith : As are other terms like “pollute”.  I am not convinced it’s really possible to “pollute”. Tieless world - at least not in the way we normally think about


10:48:10 From Kelly Smith : A lifeless world


10:48:22 From Kathryn Denning : Who benefits? The first-come, first-served model of solar system use is questionable. 


10:48:46 From Joe Gottlieb : There is a reading of 'exploit' where our simply setting up a small colony of Mars would count as exploiting. But that's absurd


10:48:56 From Kelly Smith : Who benefits is an entirely separate question from whether the benefits can, in principle, outweigh supposed intrinsic values


10:49:07 From Joe Gottlieb : @ Kelly: Yep!


10:49:21 From Kathryn Denning : Anthropologists vs philosophers : ) 


10:49:30 From Lucas Mix : @Kelly, I worry about the distinction between landscape (which might be lifeless as I think of it, maybe not Leopold) and wilderness (which has interests that are not human interests).


10:49:38 From Kelly Smith : The age old battle - only one can emerge from this meeting alive!


10:50:13 From Kelly Smith : Lucas, personally I don’t care about wilderness save for it’s value to humans (which is a real thing and worthy of consideration(


10:50:20 From Ryan Fortenberry : PR and pressure from individuals is the only way a free society can really be responsible.


10:50:21 From Jim Schwartz : Am I being pitted against my fellow philosophers, then? :)


10:50:34 From Kelly Smith : Only the reasonable ones…:)


10:51:45 From Lucas Mix : Is density an issue? It seems as though the law of the sea only became broad in the 20th century except in areas like the Mediterranean that were well traveled.


10:51:52 From Jim Schwartz : Thanks, William!


10:54:15 From Kathryn Denning : William, I agree completely with your approach -- it's the most pragmatic and realistic option now.. And I think it's essential to have these approaches in play because I don't think there's any realistic hope of effective international hard law any time soon. Unilateral actors will be acting...


10:55:08 From Jim Schwartz : So we all need to apply to be part of Biden's space policy team.


10:56:29 From Joe Gottlieb : @ Jim: I am not sure Biden has let on anything re: his space agenda. Artemis might be locked in though 


10:57:04 From Dan Capper : Nice presentation William!


10:58:48 From Carlos Santana : re: William's presentation, is there a successful historical case environmentally effective industry self-regulation? All the examples I can think of are largely failures.

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