9:10-9:30     Sabine Heinz     Art Meets Science


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Chat log

09:11:34 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : My fave Greenbank image (apart from my own photos): https://www.cv.nrao.edu/course/astr534/Tour.html   Missed the movie due to a great breakout room so I don't know what happened in the conversation, but if this didn't come up, Catherine Newell's excellent book Destined for the Stars: Faith, the Future, and America's Final Frontier (2019) talks about Bonestell's role in the "invention of space as the final frontier." https://upittpress.org/books/9780822945567/


09:11:54 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : That Green bank url again https://www.cv.nrao.edu/course/astr534/Tour.html 


09:12:44 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : wonderful image!


09:15:43 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen to Everyone : There has been "space music" or spacey music anyway: I was sort of thinking it'd be cool to do something like set the outer space treaty  to music: have to pick a style of world music that would appeal to everybody. change the lyrics into something like poetry, and off you'd go.  Kind of like the music people do at SF conventions.


09:16:20 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : @ Sherri - interesting idea.  There are some composer who explicitly write music with a space theme


09:16:50 From Carlos Mariscal to Everyone : Speaking of which, I took my hand at the SSoCIA logo yesterday, which I’d been meaning to get to since we changed the name a few years ago: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nyor3hz4fwegt2l/ssocia-2020.png?dl=0


09:16:51 From Joe Gottlieb to Everyone : https://open.spotify.com/ playlist/37i9dQZF1DX0i61tT0OnnK?si=KmSXb_IoQ7aOfTvkr9jT_A


09:16:57 From E H to Everyone : We can autotune Neil dG T reciting the words of the OST


09:17:09 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : Kelly, you need to buy one of these 1-meter globes with an internal 360x360 projection/animation. Saw one at Arecibo.


09:17:23 From Joe Gottlieb to Everyone : Above link is to a good space-themed Spotify playlist 


09:18:14 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : I bet the slanted line is Kelly's LM logo is an electromagnetic launcher or mass driver


09:18:36 From Carlos Mariscal to Everyone : I’ll work on the alt text, sorry Sherri. Sad face. Basically, it’s the word SSoCIA with the two Ss forming a double helix and the O being an orbiting planet.


09:19:13 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen to Everyone : Like Hearts  of Space: good for meditation maybe but I'm not sure  how / if it accomplishes the same thing as this kind of visual art. But, if you put lyrics and a cool riff under it, then you can also slip past  evaluation  get people to sing and dance to your message...


09:19:44 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : no garage door openers, no microwave ovens allowed anywhere in that valley where Green Bank Telescope is either


09:19:45 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : Robert wins the nerd contest - it’s a launcher for mined materials to put them into lunar orbit for pickup


09:19:47 From William Alba to Everyone : When I was teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Eduardo Kac bioengineered  a rabbit named "Alba" that fluoresced from GFP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alba_(rabbit)


09:20:31 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : @William, thanks for mentioning that work, it is very well  known


09:20:34 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : Ah yes, Alba…


09:20:41 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : I said "coli driver positions" above. Not surprising Robert and I both had the same idea.


09:20:52 From Lucas Mix to Everyone : This was a fascinating project for the Ely Cathedral Science Festival. https://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/the-moon-and-a-dalek-welcomed-to-ely-cathedral-4905534


09:21:19 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : @Eric Sorry - didn’t mean to give 

insufficient credit to your nerdiness…:) 


09:21:31 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : Love your work Sabine. 

Also, agreeing that the music side is so important. My former student Rayna Slobodian did an album of space music "Space Stories" (and also did a damn good article on space colonization). https:// open.spotify.com/album/2WbhNM7yXP78ugNAaY1CB5, https:// podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-158-telling-space-stories-with-rayna-slobodian/id513507273?i=1000427226569


09:22:01 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : Well, you were _talking_ when I posted


09:22:06 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen to Everyone : Marketing marketing marketing: let's create a line of space plush toys: starting with Plush Moon Rabbit!


09:22:16 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : nooooooooooo 


09:22:17 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : horror!


09:22:44 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : We can endow SSoCIA forever via marketing synergy - does the end justify the means?


09:22:56 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : not when it comes to rabbits


09:23:01 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : :)


09:23:13 From Abhik Gupta to Everyone : very novel approach to art. liked the works very much.


09:23:14 From Dan Capper to Everyone : You can find kitsch plush moon rabbits for sale in various places in Asia. 09:23:30 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : Bean bag chairs with planetary image covers. With the SSoCIA mark on them, natch.


09:23:48 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : I'm going to ask Sabine about tetrachromats


09:24:57 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : The Neo-liberals need to form a marketing committee


09:25:27 From James Schwartz to Everyone : Aren't the neoliberals already a marketing committee? 


09:25:53 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : love the tardigrade piece. 


09:26:04 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : I'm in the Adbusters camp. These products are *satire*.


09:26:13 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : Isn’t this a cool technique?  I need to learn it…


09:26:14 From Lucas Mix to Everyone : @ Jim, you beat me to it!


09:26:19 From Dr Sheri Wells-Jensen to Everyone : Or, moonshine: brew it, bottle it,  slap on a SOCIA label, call it rocket fuel, and rest in comfortable financial success  forever.


09:26:33 From Ryan Fortenberry to Everyone : I agree @Kathryn!


09:26:46 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : Brilliant Sherri - you have unexpected capitalist depths…


09:26:56 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : search for "Alpha Centauri Sunrise" right now


09:27:14 From Sarah Reynolds to Everyone : There’s a pet bunny in that new animated movie about the girl going to the Moon.  I hadn’t really thought of the significance.


09:27:16 From Carlos Mariscal to Everyone : Political compass, but for marketing. Top right is someone forcing you to buy something, bottom left is ad busters, then regular marketing and weird algorithms invading your privacy are the other two corners.


09:27:17 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : artist Katie Paterson actually created a lamp producing Moon light, awesome piece, very conceptual


09:27:53 From Ryan Fortenberry to Everyone : Great analogy to church art, Sabine!


09:27:53 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : @ Daniela - I will have to check this out, thanks


09:28:38 From Daniela de Paulis to Everyone : artist Jon Lomberg comes to mind too


09:29:02 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : Definitely Lomberg. Genius. Also, if you're looking for more artists to work with, suggest you contact Chris Welch at ISU: he routinely invites artists to come work with the students, so has many in mind. Also, I highly recommend Daisy Ginsberg: met her at Luis Campos’ astrobiology LoC symposium and she’s great.


09:29:35 From Kelly Smith to Everyone : @ Kathryn - I am on it.  I’d like to build up the art cadre here, including sci fi writers


09:30:38 From Andrew Kennedy to Everyone : great stuff


09:30:51 From kdenning@yorku.ca to Everyone : Richard Clar. And https://www.seti.org/artist-in-residence


09:31:11 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : Tetrachromats


09:33:09 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : Gluckwunsch, Sabine


09:33:35 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : there is no word for "orange" in Latin


09:33:50 From Robert.Kennedy to Everyone : Russians call Mars "the orange planet"


09:33:54 From Eric Hughes to Everyone : But there's not arbitrary variation in color language. Red seems to be universal or close to it.


09:34:43 From Chelsea Haramia to Everyone : and according to Locke, color is a secondary quality